Friday, November 14, 2008

What a week!!!

Mentally, emotionally, I should be in a funk. I'm not though. But, this has been one heck of a funkish (I know that's not a word) week.

1. I've been late by 15 to 30 minutes in dropping my kids off at school EVERY day this week. There shouldn't be any excuse for this as they don't start until 9:30. I'm hoping we can back on track next week.

2. Our washing machine no longer washes clothes. It's repairable, but it's costly. So, we bought a new one on Tuesday. It won't be delivered until next Wednesday. With 3 kids ages 5 and under, all I can say is ARGHH!!!! Instead of heading to the gym or to the stores after dropping the kids off at school, I head to my folks' house to use their washing machine. Thanks, Mim & Pop!

3. Wednesday night, I got a text message from a close friend who I talk to every few weeks but rarely see. She was in my wedding party. We always get together at the Life with Cancer benefit at Crate & Barrel. It goes from 6-9p. She texted around 7p to see where I was. I was 40 minutes home, because I forgot. If it wasn't for Mr. O shooing me out the door, I would have missed this fun outing with her. Thanks, babe!!! Here's close friend and me at the local bar afterwards...

4. VA Tech LOST last night...Crapolla!!! That means I most likely will not be heading to Tampa the first weekend in December. Luckily, Mr. O booked my ticket with Southwest, so I can keep the credits for a year.

5. I ended the week with having my first, my long overdue baseline mammo. My PCP has been after me for many, many years to get it done. Today, I did it, somehow. My babysitter baled on me...thankfully, I had my sister to back me up. Thanks, sissy!!! Anyway, back to the mammo...I must have had one helluva technologist. This was was a little uncomfortable, but nothing like what I have heard before. From some stories I heard, I thought I might need some pain pills. Luckily, I had some...and thankfully, I didn't have to use them!!!

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