Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hunt is On...

Today we attended our first community egg hunt for this Easter season. I love watching all the kids line up in anticipation of what treasures their eggs will hold.

The Hunt was organized by age group. The 2yo and 3yo kids went off at 10:15. The 4yo and 5yo kids went off at 10:45; My monkey and her favorite cousin were in this group. Here they are showing off their loot...

Banana and Tank's hunt started at 11:15.

Today's eggstravaganza was held at Claude Moore Park. Of historical importance, Vestal's Gap Road runs through this park.

George Washington documented many trips on this road in his journals. As a young surveyor, just 17 years old, he became very familiar with the wilderness here. This experience made him Governor Dinwiddie’s choice to carry a letter of protest to the contested French settlements in 1753. His subsequent trips in 1754 and 1755 underscore the important role this road played in the French and Indian War. Approximately 1,000 British Red Coats and Colonial soldiers from Virginia and North Carolina marched down this road.

When my kids start learning about American history in school, I really am going to enjoy taking them to many historical sites in our area.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy Kid....

These were taken just after bath time last night...HILARIOUS!!! Tank can be such a crack-up!!!

♥ God, I love this kid...and my girls so much. ♥