Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fun on the Farms!!!

During October we made three Fall Harvest festivals at three local farms in Loudoun County....what fun we had!!!

Our first visit was to Layng's Flower Farm in Aldie, VA. This farm is owned by a family we know through the kids' preschool. N & J "graduated" in June, and are now in kindergarten. My kids missed the cutoff and are the oldest in their pre-K class this year. The kids enjoyed the slides...

the pumpkin painting...

and the scarecrows!!! Who's the scariest of them all???

The weather changed in the next, we officially moved to Fall. Our next visit was to the Maize at Temple Hall Farm Regional Park in Leesburg. They had an incredible corn maze...unfortunately, we didn't make it to the end. We had to backtrack to the entrance (and we still got lost) about an hour into it as the kids had to go to the bathroom. Once we got out and as we were running to the restrooms, Baby Girl KK had an accident. :( Luckily, we had a change of clothes in the car and we continued to have some more fun.

The kids in the Maize...

I wish I knew what Tank found so amusing...

Our last Harvest Festival was at Great Country Farms in beautiful Bluemont, VA. Every year, our local twin group hosts a Fall Festival at this Community Supported Agriculture farm. The club provides burgers, frankfurters (hot dogs) and BBQ, while the members bring side dishes and desserts. I had the BEST banana bread I've ever tasted, even if it didn't have chocolate chips in it!!! We had a great time here this year, but we were rushed. We needed to get back home by 2:30p to finish our party preps for our neighborhood Halloween parade and chili cookoff as well as our own party we were hosting for family and friends.

The kids loved jumping on the huge Pumpkin Jumping KK soar!!!

Would you be OK with these girls driving a tractor???

Doesn't Mr. O look too cool in his shades??? <*heart*>

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