Monday, September 22, 2008

Last days of Summer, and Baseball!!!

Last week started with a road trip to NYC to see the New York Yankees play.

Back in DC on Tuesday, I went to a DC Nationals-NY Mets game with my dad and baby bro. Here's my dad (he's a true baseball fan...he wears other team caps as well) and baby bro (die hard Mets fan)...Baby bro is getting Shea seats for his birthday.

Then, just yesterday Mr. O and I took the kids to see the Nationals play the San Diego Padres. The Nats LOST, so my streak is broken. The Nats have won every game I've gone to...until yesterday. Now, I'm 3-1.

During every game, the Nationals 4 favorite presidents run a relay race. Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington race to the finish line. Teddy Roosevelt has NEVER 4 seasons. Here's Banana with President Washington.

The Nationals' mascot is Screech, the Eagle! Tank and KK wouldn't step near him, although they were the ones that goaded him to join our section. Once again, Banana stepped up!!!

Tank was totally into the game, and was disappointed when we were leaving in the 7th inning. Banana liked the people watching...but KK was plain ole BORED. I hope it's just an age thing as she's only 3. We got some more poses as we were leaving.

Like I said, KK was not impressed!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Summer Part III

Since Fall season doesn't officially start until tomorrow or the next day, I'm going to wrap up our Summer weeks. Here's how we spent the rest of August. Banana and Tank spent two weeks in day camp from 9a-2p, while Mama and Baby Girl hung out with CoCo and Master B and Lulu.

Once camp was over, some days we HUNG out at the pool.

Graceful Tank!!!

Baby Girl
is only can she be doing this???

Big Girl
is going!!! How can I catch her?

Most days we hung out in our front yard!!! I love this picture...It's a perfect interlock of hands and arms and Summer Loving!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gangsta Tank

OMG, does this hood have DIMPLES?!?!? lol

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Conversation with Banana this afternoon:

Today I took the kids to the Outlets so I could get them new sneakers or running shoes as they call them. We were in the car about 20 minutes when:

Banana: Where are we going, Mama?

Me: Timbuktu!

Banana: Where?

Me: (singing) Timbuktu

Banana: (looking very confused) Have I been there before, Mama???

Me: LOL No, honey!!!

Banana: Have you?

Me: LOL No, honey!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

85 Years Old...Counting the Last Days!!!

The last regular-season game at the House that Ruth Built will be next Sunday, September 21, 2008. Next season they will be playing in a new stadium being built right across the street from the current stadium. Yesterday, my brother, sister and I drove up from Northern VA to see a game. The Yanks beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-4.

Current Yankee Stadium

New Yankee Stadium

We got to see A-Rod hit a grand slam home run in the bottom of the first. This was the first grand slam I've ever seen "at" a game. Very exciting!!! Here's A-Rod coming home...that's Jeter (Mags is drooling) waiting to greet him.

Speaking of Jeter, we saw him hit a home run in the 5th inning; he also tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits at Yankee Stadium. BTW, my husband knows that I will leave him if I ever have a chance with Jeter. He's not sweating it, however.

Preschool Started!!!

Preschool has been in session for one week now. Banana and Tank are repeating Pre-K. They missed the cutoff for Kindergarten by 5 days. I'm not complaining...I think even if they were born in September, I would have held them back another year. I'd much rather have them be one of the older kids in their class than the youngest. Here they are on their first day....

My monkey is in the 3yo class...she's loving it this year. Well, she loved it last year too, but she much preferred to hang out with me than go to school. Every day but the last week of school, she cried for me. As soon as I walked out the door, she would scamper away to play with her friends. So far this year she's off running...I have to beg her for a kiss goodbye. I didn't get a picture of her all by her lonesome, but here she is with her sibs.

Here's the monkey dressed as a princess at a princess tea party the day before.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


So Cute, please get in touch with me so I know where to send your goodies.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Our Summer - Part II

For the past 3 Summers (including this one), we have rented a house in the Hamptons for the month of July. The first 2 Summers we were able to rent a ranch home right around the corner from my parents' beach place in East Quogue. We were bummed when we found out the owners had a long-term rental in place this year. It took some scrambling, but we lucked out when we found this cute Cape by the Bay in Hampton Bays.

Me with KK and Tank in front of the house.

The ONLY negative about this house was that it wasn't right around the corner from my parents' place. This place was perfect for us though. I initially was worried about the kids sleeping upstairs while I (& occasionally, Mr. O) slept downstairs. The front and back yards were spacious for the kids to run around. We had a deck and a patio to lounge around on. We had a waterview of the bay, and we were very close to the ocean beach we frolic.

We celebrated Mim's birthday on July 1st at our house. Here she is with KK and LuLu.

We always look forward to the 4th of July BBQ at a family friend's home. The fare is normally the same...lobster tails, london broil, baked potatoes, corn on the cob. The biggest draw is the lobster tails. Well, last year there were no lobster tails...the horror!!! Everyone was stunned, and the poor host still has not heard the end of it. People are still talking about last year even though he redeemed himself by providing the tails this year.

All the kids posing at the party.

We had exceptional weather the 5 weeks we were there. I don't think it even rained more than 3 days. Our days began by packing the cooler with sandwiches, snacks and beverages; lathering up with sunscreen lotions, and heading to Ponquogue Beach.

Mr. O with the kids!!!

Me with Tank and Banana!!!

Cool dudes...the kids with their cousin, Master B!!!

No beach day is complete without having a Marino's Italian Ice. KK especially loved the cherry ice.

Check out Tank on his boogey board...

Tank is somewhere in here...what a scary wipeout!!!

Banana and her lifeguard friend, E!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our Summer - Part I

Over the next few posts, I am going to share some of the highlights from our Summer.

We started off our Summer break with a long long car ride down to Charlotte for Uncle P and Aunt K's wedding.

Banana & KK in their party dresses at the wedding...

Daddy & Tank at the wedding...

The family at the wedding...

Mim & Pop with the bride and groom...