Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Surprise Announcement

Mr. O and I decided just 2 nights ago that we were going to take our munchkins to Disneyworld in January. None of our plans were finalized so I never said anything to the kids. Imagine my surprise this morning when Banana skipped into the kitchen and told me we were going to Disneyworld.

Me: How do you know that?

Banana: Daddy told us last night when he was tucking us in. much for a surprise, right?

The kids were delirious with joy when I dropped them off at school this morning. They told anyone and everyone they were going to Disneyworld.

Mim (my mom) came with me this afternoon to pick them up from school. On our way to lunch, I told Tank to tell Mim our great news.

Tank: Guess what, Mim???

Mim: What, honey?

Tank: Obama WON the election.


You tell a kid he's going to Disneyworld...he's just excited Obama won. LOL

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Debbie said...

And did the kids sleep at all after dad dropped that bombshell on them at bedtime? Men! Too funny.