Saturday, February 20, 2010



222 is still my favorite number as it was 20 years ago. It's ironic that my firstborns, Ned and Nora, were born on 02.20.02. Unfortunately, they were born prematurely at 24w, and lived only 10 and 15 hours, respectively. A morning has not gone by in the last eight years upon wakening without praying to them to watch over us.

Today, they will celebrate their 8th birthday in heaven! And, I KNOW our great friend, Meg, will CRASH their party!!! Meg passed on this past week after fighting a courageous battle with brain cancer for the last 7 years. We will miss her dearly as we do Ned and Nora.

Laugh with all the angels and saints today, Ned and Nora!!! We love you!!!

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The Mrs. said...

Thank God they have each other up there. So many precious angels in heaven. My Grandmommie may be serving cupcakes!