Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surprise Visitors!!!

On Wednesday (02.10) we spent the morning and early afternoon at Magic Kingdom in Disney World...our first bonus day courtesy of the DC Snowmeggadon.

We drove back to our rental for some down time. Even though the weather was in the 50s (that was the high), the kids had a blast in the HEATED pool...there was NO way Mr. O and I were going to take a dip though!

We cooked dinner at "home" early that afternoon, and since everyone was in high form, we decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom for the SpectroMagic parade (7p) and Wishes fireworks (8p). We got the kids all bundled up, then shooed them out the door to get strapped in the car. They took 2 steps out, then tumbled over each other to get back inside. WHY?

They were being attacked by Ospreys! I didn't know what they were then; I had to send a picture of them to my aunt.



christy rose said...

I have never hard of an Osprey before! That is hilarious!

The Mrs. said...

Wow! Those opsreys are insane! So excited you guys got to go!