Friday, February 12, 2010

Out of the mouths of Babes...

This past Tuesday, we spent the day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We were situated at our preferred spot for the 3pm afternoon parade by 2:30p. Once Mr. O and the kids were settled, I set off to get ice cream for the kids. This look from them made me RUN!

When I got back, the kids were happily ensconced in their seats slopping away at their ice creams. Within minutes, Mr. O jumped up! An elderly man was having some sort of attack behind us. Mr. O went to help him...I ran to a Cast Member to call 911, then back to help Mr. O and another lady lay him gently on the ground. We're not sure what happened to him, but we think it was a stroke or a mini-stroke.

The kids were never more than 5 feet from us...and they watched it all. Tank & Banana seemed to be okay with our explanations that the man was ill and needed to be checked out by the doctors at the hospital. Our Monkey was all out of sorts. She had more questions than any answers we can give her. I told her, "Let's pray for him that he gets well."

Monkey: Will you help me pray?

Me: Sure! Dear God....

Monkey: No, I don't do God!

Me: What??? What do you mean you don't do God???

Monkey: (proceeding to bow her head and fold her hands) "Dear, Lord, Thank you for watching over me and my family and PLEASE take care of THAT man!"

How endearing is that prayer from a 4.5yo...It made my heart swell!!!


christy rose said...

O my goodness! I am having to hold back the tears. How sweet!

Maureen said...

Mom told me this story - I have laughed about it all week. I don't "do God." Really, could she be any funnier?

Boo and Hooties Mom said...


The Mrs. said...

You have raised these kids well! be proud!