Friday, January 02, 2009


I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009!!!

Mr. O and I hosted our annual New Year's Day Open House yesterday. Every year as we are preparing for the party, I am stressed because I have no idea how many people are coming. I always worry if there is going to be enough food, drinks, etc. Actually, I don't have to stress about the drinks...there's always plenty!

The party was a success, as always! Because I was so busy socializing and having fun, I didn't take any pictures. Fortunately, we had a surprise guest from Germany; she took many pictures and promised to email them to me when she gets the chance.

And, thankfully, we had enough food. We served chili, chicken stew (Thanks, Mo!), beef tenderloin, and a penne salad with mozzarella & grape tomatoes. My mom also made her delicious potato salad and cole slaw; both of those dishes went quick. Thanks, Mom!

I love hosting this party every year. It's great having most of my family and many of our old and 'new' friends together. I hate the idea of making this informal get-together formal, but I think it will make the party-planning process much easier if we start sending out invites. The only problem I have is that we're always inviting people up to the day of the party. After all, it is an Open House. Do you think it will be okay to continue doing this?


Maureen said...

Great party - as always! My little man had a blast too (as usual when he's at Gigi's house).

I vote for formalizing the invitations. But you know, that's my thing.

Designher Momma said...

Sounds like a fantastic party!!!!

Debbie said...

A relative once told me at a gathering I hosted that I needed to calm down. She then told me we would all go on to eat and drink another time but the important thing was to focus on being together. I love that advice.

Monica said...

Sounds fun (and yummy!). I'd love to do a NYE party but I'm always so tired from Christmas!