Monday, September 22, 2008

Last days of Summer, and Baseball!!!

Last week started with a road trip to NYC to see the New York Yankees play.

Back in DC on Tuesday, I went to a DC Nationals-NY Mets game with my dad and baby bro. Here's my dad (he's a true baseball fan...he wears other team caps as well) and baby bro (die hard Mets fan)...Baby bro is getting Shea seats for his birthday.

Then, just yesterday Mr. O and I took the kids to see the Nationals play the San Diego Padres. The Nats LOST, so my streak is broken. The Nats have won every game I've gone to...until yesterday. Now, I'm 3-1.

During every game, the Nationals 4 favorite presidents run a relay race. Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington race to the finish line. Teddy Roosevelt has NEVER 4 seasons. Here's Banana with President Washington.

The Nationals' mascot is Screech, the Eagle! Tank and KK wouldn't step near him, although they were the ones that goaded him to join our section. Once again, Banana stepped up!!!

Tank was totally into the game, and was disappointed when we were leaving in the 7th inning. Banana liked the people watching...but KK was plain ole BORED. I hope it's just an age thing as she's only 3. We got some more poses as we were leaving.

Like I said, KK was not impressed!!!


Maureen said...

That is so very funny... Poor KK.


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE baseball! Looks like a great time!

Kevin said...

I just want to add that Teddy Roosevelt as in fact won a race. Dad and I learned last night that Teddy beat the Baltimore Oriole on June 29, 2008. He is undefeated vs the bird.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love that last pic of KK! Adorable. Is that her actual nickname? Because that's what most people call me too.

The Mrs. said...

Your kids are down right adorable! Living angels for sure! you're right!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Your kids are sooo adorable!

Anna See said...

Maybe it's the age, maybe it's not. We went all the way to NYC for a Yankees game in the stadium before it gets torn down. Jake and Tim were thrilled. Molly and I were hot, bored, and cranky.