Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Conversation with Banana this afternoon:

Today I took the kids to the Outlets so I could get them new sneakers or running shoes as they call them. We were in the car about 20 minutes when:

Banana: Where are we going, Mama?

Me: Timbuktu!

Banana: Where?

Me: (singing) Timbuktu

Banana: (looking very confused) Have I been there before, Mama???

Me: LOL No, honey!!!

Banana: Have you?

Me: LOL No, honey!!!

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Maureen said...

When I saw her at school today, she had fallen. I told her it was the Crocs, and that she needed tennis shoes. She said, she doesn't have tennis shoes. I said, "Mommy will get you some." She corrected me, "No, we have running shoes!"