Wednesday, October 08, 2008

W*I*C*K*E*D Swap

Many thanks to The Pink Clutch for organizing a WICKED swap!!! I was paired with the lovely Sooo Cute. I received my package a week ago, but with the craziness of preparing for Banana and Tank's 5th Birthday and entertaining the 7-9 outlaws who crashed at our house for the weekend, I didn't get around to opening her package until today.

I just LOVE all the gifts Sooo Cute sent my way. Here's what she sent:

W - way adorable tea towel

I - Incredibly cute cupcake candle

C - crazy spider napkin rings

K - knife, perfect for yummy fall dips

E - entertaining with preppy polka dot napkins

D - delightful delicious cookies (Nam's Bits)

I'm looking forward to using all my gifts. Thanks Sooo Cute!!! I hid away the cookies so I don't have to share with all my lovelies!!! I lurve Nam's Bits. I had them for the first time this past June. My brother and SIL gave bags of them out at the rehearsal dinner. Since Mr. O and the kids were there as well, I had 5 bags to munch on....Yummy!!!

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Maureen said...

Sooo cute! Pun intended.

I love the napkins.