Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Poor Tank and Banana!!! They are 6yo and are the 3rd & 4th oldest children in their Kindergarten class. They are also one of the last children to have lost any of their baby teeth. Every morning they both swear to me that their teeth are wiggling. Our pediatrician told us when they were babies that they would probably lose their teeth later than average because their first baby teeth didn't come in until later than average at 9mo. Banana's first tooth came in July 3rd, 2004, and Tank's first tooth came in July 5th, 2004...or was it the other way around??? (I'll have to check their baby books, but the dates are right.)

For their sakes, I sure hope each loses her/his first tooth before they turn 7. A friend of mine's 7yo just lost another tooth. The Tooth Fairy found this note last night: "You are not REAL, but here is the tooth anyway."


Whirlwind said...

Aww hang in there - my oldest lost her first tooth just after her 5th birthday, my middle at 4 (yes 4!) and my youngest has yet to lose any (she's 5 years, 1 month). On the contrary, my oldest's two best friends were almost 8 when they lost their first teeth.

Maureen said...

I dread those days... nothing grosses me out more. Well, more grosses me out. Remember when Ben lost his? Ick.

Tickled Pink Talk said...

I hear you! C will be 7 tomorrow, and not a loose tooth in sight! He SO badly wants to lose one too. I think he is the last in his class...someday, someday!