Thursday, November 12, 2009


Banana & Tank started Kindergarten this year. Our county's policy is very multiple-friendly. They will typically separate multiples unless requested by the parents to keep them together. When I registered them back in May, I requested that they be placed in the same class. I was very surprised when the official doing their paperwork balked at my request. I finally had to say, "Listen to me, I'm the mom, and here is how it's going to go." A week later I had the opportunity to speak with the principal. He was bothered I was given a hard time, and mentioned that keeping multiples in the classroom at the younger grades was more the norm at our school, as long as each child thrives and as long as they are not competing with each other.

So...Banana & Tank started Kindergarten this year placed in the same class. Here they are on the first day of school.

...waiting for the bus.

They never looked back...

Oh, how I cried that morning after they left!!! Where did my babies go?

The just LOVE Kindergarten, and they are EXCITED about school even now in November. I hear it each morning when they ask me how much longer will the bus be here at least 20 times. (They are in PM Kindergarten...the bus picks them up at 11:20a.) They are THRIVING. I see it by how much they are learning and reading. While in the same class, they are on different teams. They support each other when needed. Yes, they fight often like siblings do at home, but never at school. The feedback I've received from their teachers at their parent-teacher conference was amazing. I wasn't so sure they were talking about my children.

Yesterday, the kids brought home their very first report cards. I see it there as well; they exceed or meet every standard evaluated as of 1st quarter, Kindergarten.

I also see it upfront when I volunteer in the classroom. Today was my second time volunteering. The first time I met each student one-on-one outside the classroom testing them on patterns and coin recognition. Today, I worked inside the classroom putting workbooks together for the teachers. I got to sit there doing mundane, but important, work for the kids all while observing my children interact with their classmates. They forgot I was there after 5 minutes (...until I interrupted them to take their pictures).

Volunteering is awesome!!! I can't wait to get back there again. Much thanks to my sister for watching my little Monkey so I can get this special class time.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

So cute! I always loved school growing up. I think loving school makes for good students. Even if said good students fight over french fries on the car ride home. :)

terri said...

Hi Mags! Thanks for stopping by with birthday wishes!

You kids are adorable and clearly love being in school and learning! What a couple of cuties!

Maureen said...

Sweet! Love seeing the "in class" photos! I kept meaning to ask you about the report cards. Sheesh - leave it to the blog to learn about it. :)

I'll keep the monkey any day of the week - she makes me laugh.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

All the twins we know are in the same class. That would be a volunteering nightmare if they weren't!

Thanks for stopping by, I lost you in one of my background swaps! You're back on the blog roll.