Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness

I look forward to the NCAA tournament every year, and love watching the games with Mr. O after the kids are all ensconced in bed. Unfortunately, this year I'll be watching them all by my lonesome. :( Mr. O will be having a blast, though. He's in Vegas...I can just imagine all the different bets he can make on the games. I hope he comes home with more money than he left with.

Mr. O, my brothers and my dad traditionally go to Vegas every year on Super Bowl weekend. This year when they went Mr. O entered a promotional Black Jack tournament. The qualifying rounds for the tournament was spread over a 3 week period. No, Mr. O wasn't there that long...he was just there for the 3-day weekend. All the contestants had to do was play one 30-minute round. At the end of the qualifying rounds, the top 64 contestants were invited back for the March Madness Blackjack Tournament this weekend where each of them will vie for the $250K payout to the top winner.

Please, please, please God let Mr. O be the Blackjack King this weekend. I can only hope, right?!?!?


Debbie said...

I will hope so for you!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

We LOVE basketball as well! I will be watching alone as husband is in Arizona for a week!!

Sue said...

GO MR. O!!!!!!!!!! The heck with the basketball!

Mags said...

Sue cracks me up!!!

The Mrs. said...

Oh yes I hope so! No march madness here...we are so Unpsporty!