Friday, December 19, 2008

Brother T

My brother T's birthday was yesterday, and he's my Irish twin!

Do you know what Irish Twins are?

They are two siblings born within a year of each other. My brother T and I are true Irish twins. We were born within a year IN THE SAME YEAR. I was born in January...he was born in December. In fact, his birthday was yesterday. He also died from a tragic accident when he was 2.5yo. Tank's middle name is his.

We were born in 1967.

Happy 41st!!!

I WISH I grew up with him.

I also believe all of my grandparents are taking care of him, and he's taking care of my Ned & Nora until I can meet up with him again.

God Bless You, Terence!


Debbie said...

I am so sorry for your whole family's loss of your brother. What a tragedy. And what an honor to give your son his name.

Feener said...

sending you prayers -

Preppy Sue said...

That's such a nice way to think about him.

Maureen said...

You know he is. Love you, M