Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here I Am....8 Months Later!!!

OK...Banana & Tank are POTTY-TRAINED by day. We now need to start working on night-time.

Today, when we were leaving school, I was strapping all the kids in the car. Anna & C-Monkey were already strapped in when Tank said he had to go to the bathroom. I asked another mom to keep an eye on the girls while I walked to the front door of the school to let Tank use the restroom. The restroom is right inside the front door. I checked to make sure no one was in there, then told Tank to go to town. I went back and stood by the front door watching the girls in the car. No sooner than Tank can pull his pants down to his ankles did the fire alarm go off. HE FREAKED!!! He then proceeded to run outside bawling....YES....with his pants around his ankles, his hands on his ears. Poor kid!!! I can laugh now!!!

We have a busy few weeks coming up. School is ending, summer camps are starting, and we'll be packing to spend 5 weeks in the Hamptons. We'll be there from June 30th through August 5th.


Coco said...

Poor Aidan... I can only imagine. Do they have drills at school?

Livi said...

Thanks for writing this.